Couvent D'Hérépian


Le Convent was built in the 17th century, the Benedictine sisters lived here until 1957. They were attached to the Abbey of Villemagne- Argentière while the monks were attached to the Abbey of Foncaude.

Our current breakfast room was their old prayer room in front of the old church. Next to this room you find the bar which was once the pigsty and henhouse. 

The library lounge was once, together with the wellness centre, the refectory with its original fireplace. The veranda is also a place at your disposal with its superb view over the sister’s vegetable garden.

The Convent was at the beginning of 1900 a catechism school. At the death of the last nun, a priest came and built himself a small presbytery which today is our relaxation room in front of the outside swimming pool. When he retired, he was not replaced. 

The dormitories were turned into apartments and rented out to residents for a while. But the rural exodus, particularly when the Hérépian Foundry was closed in 1974, was the cause of their abandonment.