The Rituals

Mediterrean Relaxation

Close your eyes and experience Mediterranean massage secrets with natural products that create relaxing treatment to unwind tension of the back, neck and legs.

30 min : €45 / 45 min : €60 / 60 min : €85 / 90 min : €120 / 120 min : €140

Candle Elixir

Take in the gentle heat of candles that are transformed into massage oils. That hydrate and nourish the skin extensively. Alternating between movements of endless gentleness and firmness.

30 min : €45 / 45 min : €60 / 60 min : €85 / 90 min : €120 / 120 min : €140

Shaping Signature

A personalized massage where movements are tailored to your needs and or wishes: relaxing, energizing, invigorating, circulatory or lymphatic... Our therapists will evaluate which type of shaping is most appropriate for you after an initial consultation.

30 min : €55 / 45 min : €75 / 60 min : €95 / 90 min : €130 / 120 min : €150

Specialised Treatments

Ayurvédique Abhyanga

Indulge yourself with a beneficial Indian massage that repairs vital energy. Gentle, invigorating and rhythmic this complete body treatment reduces nerve tension and reduces blood circulation. You will experience a general well-being of the body and spirit.

60 min : €95

Polynesian Lomi-lomi

Fly away to Polynesia where the philosophy of life i expressed in the practice of balancing the body and spirit to reconnect with one's self. Your senses will reawaken thanks to Monoï oil applied with care on the body and face.

60 min : €85

Thaï Foot Reflexology

Choose an energetic approach to your health by leaving behind the stress of everyday life and enjoy true relaxation. The stimulation of your foot soles and reflexes will release tension and ensure a feeling of well-being.

30 min : €50
45 min : €70
60 min : €90

Regenerating Rituals

Light therapy - Infrared Sauna Session

Better than a traditional sauna, the infrared sauna acts thanks to a gentle acting in depth.

The infrared sauna exerts its therapeutic virtues on weight control, the elimination of cellulite, the repair of sore tissues, the strengthening of the immune system, the improvement of blood circulation and the quality of the skin, detoxifies the body in depth.

Well-being body and facial package

You find it difficult to choose ? Try the complete package :

- A 30 minutes Facial care treatment

- A 30 minutes Facial or Cranial shaping

- A 60 minutes Body shaping

Package €160

Facial treatments

Facial care treatment

Do you want to regenerate your skin ? Choose our personalized facial treatment. Our therapists will analyze your skin type before choosing the treatment you need: moisturizing, radiance boost, anti-aging, or special treatment for sensitive skin.

30 min : €40

Japanese Lift

Do you want a natural face-lift ? With soft hands this traditional treatment consists of applying pressure of the hands and wrists in order to stimulate the face and neck. Any times will smoothen, puffiness will be reduced and fatigue will be eliminated, this treatment is so effective that you will want it again.

30 min : €55
60 min : €95

Cranial shaping (Shirotchampi)

Originally from India, Shirotchampi is a massage transmitted from mother to daughter. It releases all tension and stress from the head, neck and shoulders.

30 min : €55
60 min : €95

Well-being Facial Package

You find it difficult to choose ? Try the complete package :

- A 30 minutes Facial care treatment

- A 60 minutes Facial or Cranial Shaping

90 min : €110