Couvent D'Hérépian

Une cave sous les voûtes

"We offer you to start the evening with an aperitif at our charming bar. Under the intimate vaults, you can relax while tasting our selection of the best wines from our region." 

We would also like to offer a selection of organic locally brewed beers. Those beers are made of the best ingredients, far from the industrial standards. 

We are also offering local lemonades, homemade Iced Tea, and other drinks.

"The bar is open every day from 10am to 8pm."

Our Wines

The Languedoc has been for always an important wine region and from the beginnings of the 80s the winemakers preferred quality over quantity, giving birth to excellent wines.

You will find Faugères, Pic St. Loup and several other regional wines.

Each bottle is carefully selected so that you can discover these fine wines.